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Koolstorm has been in the music since a teenager from the Island where I was born to the USA.

I did the dj thing up to 2007 then I found out how to resurrect myself spinning online in 2015.

Caribbean music is my main style but I do enjoy old school R&B, Hip hop, Smooth Jazz, Afro house ,Soulful House & Drum & Bass. 

My show  "Mixed Vibes" every Wednesday 10 pm -12am is where I play at least 2 or 3 genres of music. 

 My show "Caribbean Fridays" 12am-2am is mainly Dancehall, Reggae & Soca.  I play raw riddims and beats like how we did in the Islands.

Weds 10pm-12am * Fri 12am-2am

Weds 10pm-12am * Fri 12am-2am


DJ Sensation's love for music started early from DJing local college parties around the Boston area. His passion for spinning and manipulating beats as well as the crowd's emotion inevitably led him to take his passion for DJing to a new level. 

DJ Sensation's dedication to the turntables and love of all types of music led him to the Boston club and bar scene. Spinning at places like Wonder Bar, Greatest Bar, Joshua Tree, 586 Bistro and Bar, Entourage, Venue and Rumor. His skills have also been displayed at charity events, car shows and weddings. In the past 2 years, Sensation was able to travel to other states to showcase his talents. DJ Sensation's versatile style made him an instant favorite, no matter what crowd he was DJing for. Mixing House/Techno, Hip/Hop, Dancehall/Soca, Bachata & Dembo all in one set are just some of the genres within DJ Sensation's arsenal. 

DJ Sensation's love for bringing all kinds of people together coupled with his skillful manipulation of the vinyls has created a career dedicated to a passion for music that can't be stopped.

 YKTVz every Sat 8-10 pm

YKTVz every Sat 8-10 pm


Hailing from Toronto, Canada and as the son of a DJ, Carlito has always been exposed to a wide variety of music.

It’s his upbringing, positive vibes attitude,  and over 10 years of DJ experience that makes the "Carlitos Wave" Mix Show so entertaining.

Expect the unexpected as Carlito takes you on a journey in sound!



“DJ Magic Mic”

"DJ Nitescape"